The 5 Kinds Of Guys

Women now hold large expectations for dream guy: „He Is smart, affluent, athletic, sensitive and painful, beautiful, amusing…”

The list goes on and on as well as on.

But, the reality is, it really is impossible to get a hold of an individual that is the total package. Its a lot more like he has got one prominent attribute and one or two different delicious parts in the character.

Here are some basic schemas of males. Probably his prominent attribute will belong to these categories:

1. The Provider.

This guy always features his Blackberry, notebook or even the newest „Economist” in hand. The guy operates tough and life an upscale way of living.

If you marry him, then chances are you won’t be worrying all about finances or handling all of them, nevertheless may are afflicted with less face-to-face time making use of the husband, whonot have the sparetime to teach football or drive carpool.

2. The Fixer.

This a person is rather mechanical. At home repairs to car auto mechanics, there is a constant need call a handyman. He is a hands-on man and is constantly tinkering out at small tasks.

The disadvantage to this guy is actually he might never be the breadwinner, if that’s what you are looking for, but he can be a practical father.


„cannot doubt he will generate a

great partner and parent, as well.”

3. The Thinker.

You can sniff aside a thinker from a two-minute conversation. This man is actually rational. He’s a thoughtful coordinator and good decision-maker.

On the drawback, he might perhaps not stay an extremely impulsive existence. If attraction and intelligent discussions are not your mug a tea, you might prevent this person.

Bonus: he or she is most likely outstanding financial companion and happy to assist the children on with regards to technology tasks.

4. The Caregiver.

This guy is an excellent lover and a great caretaker. If you prefer men who can cook, clean and cultivate, he’s one. He is very happy to manage you, whether you have got the flu or perhaps want to be focused to occasionally.

He could be a nurse, a paramedic, a firefighter. Don’t question he’ll make outstanding husband and pops too, just not if you think a caregiver is equivalent to a person just who spoils you.

5. The Metrosexual.

We Have Now all spotted he before. He’s outfitted on nines and could make you uncomfortable regarding your outfit. He’s going to join you for a mani/pedi and eyebrow waxing and makes fantastic eye chocolate.

You’re going to be combating for bathroom amount of time in the mornings with him in which he could be therefore involved in his appearance that baby barf on their Armani fit might send him into a tizzy.

Which kind of guys are you interested in?

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